The Anatomy of an Outstanding Amazon Listing with Dan Brownsher from Channel Key

Distribution channels have been interesting to me for a long time. After all, amazing products DIE without distribution.

A big reason I started this podcast was to figure out how independent product owners can stay free from the clutches of Amazon and their margin-slashing claws.

But the more I look at their platform, the more I realize that it’s quite similar to the wholesale or distributor model. I’ll eat my own words here: rather than trying to “beat” Amazon, for some brands it makes sense to “join” them.

If you’re part of a brand that would benefit from Amazon’s distribution channel, this episode for you. Dan Brownsher has been on the side of product development where he and his business partners invest their own capital into launching a brand on Amazon, and the service side, where he and his team help Amazon sellers to scale up.

Enjoy the episode!