Finding and Retaining Millennial Customers with Shani Syphrett

How do you acquire millennial customers?

Shani is the Head of Marketing and Brand for Beam, a social impact application that allows users to donate part of their everyday purchases to impact social issues they care about. Beam’s target audience is the millennial generation and their marketing strategies revolve around finding and retaining them.

In this episode, Shani explains why Beam chose millennials as their target customer and what it means to grow a business with impact. She walks us through their customer acquisition campaigns and the backend of influencer marketing. She also talks to us about the lack of women of color in marketing and how they are a massive part of the future of innovative brands.

This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Shani teaches us:

  • How Beam takes millennials into consideration throughout their product design process
  • What advertisements millennials respond to best
  • Strategies to retain millennial customers long term
  • Why millennials are the best audience to target for an impactful product

“Just like architecture, when you design a product you need to consider the third dimension, called user.”

Connect with Shani:

Shani on LinkedIn

Beam: Impact in One Touch

Resources Mentioned:

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