How to run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign with Joshua Suh

What would your business look like with thousands of dollars in funding?


Joshua Suh is the Accounts Director of Crowdcreate, the world’s #1 blockchain marketing agency. Crowdcreate has raised over $40 million dollars in crowdfunding campaigns for kickstarters around the world.


In this episode, Joshua explains how to run a successful kickstarter campaign that returns thousands of dollars in investment. He shows us how to create a pre-launch strategy and the formula to estimate how much you will make in sales on launch day. He also talks about the demographics of kickstarters and how to curate campaigns around their interests.

This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Joshua teaches us:

  • Why you shouldn’t launch a kickstarter campaign with only prototype images
  • The three steps of a pre-launch strategy for a successful launch
  • What demographic to market to on kickstarter websites
  • How to estimate what launch day sales will be based off of email opens and click throughs


“Our company was interested in building products, helping creators present the product to a crowd, and utilizing a crowd to the highest advantage they can.”


“If you have a set budget, allocate more of the budget to prelaunch over launch. It’s a lot easier to get conversions when you are engaging them through the pre-launch phase, than a cold conversion during the launch phase.”


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