Why Some Products Sell and Others Don’t with Ivelin Demirov

What makes for a profitable product?


Ivelin Demirov is the founder of RiverCleaner.com, a keyword research and optimization tool for Amazon sellers. Ivelin’s product experience has taught him, the products that sell are the ones that have been positioned well.


In this episode, Ivelin explains how to position a product to sell by using surveys to get inside of his prospective customer’s mind. He also talks about the mindset all successful entrepreneurs have, why you have to be passionate about your business and how to provide the highest level of customer support to your consumers.


This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Ivelin teaches us:

  • How he established himself in the e-commerce world
  • Why passion trumps talent when building your online empire
  • How to use surveys to sell more products
  • The three steps of building a product that sells
  • The most efficient way to provide customer support


“People were willing to give up easy. If you are passionate about something you have a higher chance of success.”

“My idea generation is very simple. I have a calendar on the wall, every time I have something in my mind that could cause a problem, I write that down on the wall.”


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