What is Facebook’s Algorithm? With Eric Brinker

How familiar are you with the Facebook algorithm?


Eric Brinker is the Partner and Vice President of Experience (Marketing and Communications) of OTG Management, an award winning airport hospitality group. He’s an expert in using Facebook advertising to drive traffic and product sales.


In this episode, Eric shows us how he runs the frontend and backend of Facebook campaigns for OTG Management. He explains how to target your prospective customer and the campaign strategy that avoids overwhelming customers. He also walks us through how he tests landing pages to identify the highest converter.


This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Eric teaches us:

  • How to get accurate data from landing page interactions without A/B testing
  • The strategy for a campaign that doesn’t overwhelm your target audience
  • How much to spend on Facebook ads and the ROI to expect
  • The spreadsheet he uses to keep track of his campaigns

“What if you developed more creative ads and then you can monitor, and tweak, and turn up the ads to your heart’s content?”


Connect with Eric:

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