How To Disrupt a $2 Billion Dollar Sales Industry with Elyse Burack

How do you disrupt the $2 billion dollar sales industry?

Elyse is the Director of Integrated Marketing at Boxed, a wholesale online vendor for business. Boxed is disrupting the sales industry through the intersection of curated selection and novelty. Elyse’s marketing advice is simple, know your ideal customer.

In this episode, Elyse talks about Boxed’s target avatar and the marketing strategies they are using to retain them. She explains how they are improving their cart experience, the backend of their mass delivery system and why personalization has led to their success. Elyse also shows us how Boxed is communicating and working with their employees to ensure commitment and longevity.

This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Elyse teaches us:

  • How to increase customer acquisition through branding and positioning
  • The biggest challenge she is facing right now and how she strategizes around it
  • Boxed’s strategy to retain more customers
  • How Boxed has created a positive environment for employees and motivated them to stay long term in the company

“What we are happy to know is most of our customers see that we and Amazon are complimentary.”

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