Custom Tailoring at Scale with Meghan Litchfield from RedThread

I’ve been blessed enough to talk to some fascinating folks on this show. In fact, the whole idea behind the podcast is that 90% are only talked about behind closed doors.

Today’s episode was even more interesting than normal. Meghan left GoPro to start RedThread – the very first women’s apparel brand to ditch standard sizes once and for all and solve the apparel fit issue for all women, of every shape.

The coolest thing about it is definitely the tech. Each woman takes a few selfies and her measurements are autogenerated to create clothing with the perfect fit.

Think about the impact this could have on returns (if your size was right from the beginning you wouldn’t need to send it back), not to mention the ease of shopping since you could ditch the sizing charts (which no one understands anyway).

Meghan explains it much better than I can – hope you enjoy this episode.