The Three Step Framework of Profitable Facebook Ads with Brian Meert

What’s the formula for a profitable Facebook advertisement?


Brian Meert is the CEO of AdvertiseMINT, the #1 advertising agency for Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. He has devised a three step framework for running successful social media ads defined by objective, segments and creative.


In this episode, Brian walks us through his approach to advertising an e-commerce product. He explains how to choose what platform to advertise on, the importance of dynamic product ads and how to close the bottom of your sales funnel. He also talks about the advantage agencies and startups have in today’s world and how to use online tools to grow your business.


This is the Lean Commerce Podcast.

In this episode, Brian teaches us:

  • How to bootstrap your first company if you don’t have investors
  • The three step framework Brian uses for testing e-commerce products
  • How to get initial data on an advertisement at the cheapest price
  • Where to advertise depending on the demographic of your target audience


“When I saw the first version of the Facebook advertising platform, I knew there was nowhere else to be.”

“Our parents didn’t have the opportunity that we have now, these online tools didn’t exist.”


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