Authentic DTC Apparel with Adam Sidney from Myles

I’m consistently amazed at how competitive the apparel space is.

Sure, it’s a business with great potential for margins, but there are ZERO switching costs and a low barrier to entry.

That’s why it was so interesting to have Adam Sidney from Myles on this week. He’s a heavy hitter in the DTC apparel world. He was a serious mover-and-shaker at a little place called Bonobos, has consulted with brands getting off the ground, and is currently CEO at Myles, an exciting DTC men’s clothing brand.

We ran the gamut in terms of what’s changing in DTC, useful experience from his time at Bonobos and how “boring” products can actually be fascinating.

But the topic I believe you’ll enjoy the most is authenticity in your brand. Myles is doing some great stuff in this regard. Easy to talk about, and easy to do (if you actually believe in what you’re building).

Take a listen, and leave a review!